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NRI Divorce

Non-Resident of India (NRI) or PIO marriages may be between an Indian women and man residing in another country either as Indian citizen or as a Foreigner and vice versa.


  • Yes you can be called to India for facing trial under section 498A or section 406.
  • Yes, your Passport can be detained and you may not be allowed to leave India.
  • Yes, you need an anticipatory bail before travelling to India.
  • We provide you with all the legal assistance for the above. We provide 24*7 services once you are in India.


  • You have learnt on reaching the country of your NRI husband’s residence that he was already married in the other country to another woman, whom he continued to live with.
  • You have been brutally battered, abused both mentally and physically, confined and ill-treated by him in several other ways in the country of residence of her husband.
  • You have been abandoned in the foreign country with absolutely no support or means of sustenance or escape and without even the legal permission to stay on in that country.
  • You have reached the foreign country of your husband’s residence and waited at the international airport there only to find that your husband would not turn up at all.
  • You were abandoned even before being taken by your husband to the foreign country of his residence.
  • Your husband has taken an ex-parte decree of divorce taking advantage of more lenient divorce grounds in other countries.

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